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Missing Texture for Horse Armour

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Missing Texture for Horse Armour

Postby Goatcha » Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:24 pm

This was a problem in the 1.10 version and it hasn't been fixed in the 1.11 version.
The textures for Horse Armour are missing, can see the icon fine, but its invisible on the horses back.
I've actually had to place 1.9 over 1.11 to get it to show up now. Because the texture was there in 1.9, must have been removed by accident I can only assume.
You can just make out a trace of the diamond around the top of the head, but that's it, the bulk of the armour is just missing.

Oh and on the subject of textures, just a minor idea for dogs, while the collar colour is nice, would be nice if the whole dog was dyed when its dyed, make it a bit easier to tell you know.
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