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CH 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi

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CH 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi

Postby Shivaxi » Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:14 am

Okay, this is gonna be a long-ass post in order to explain everything I did here, so I'll try make this post as neat and organized as possible.


This whole project started because I'm addicted to shaders and the Chroma Hills texture pack. I was in love with CH when their 1.0.8 version came out that fully supported shaders with normalmap, bump mapping, and specular mapping, giving nearly all blocks that amazing 3D look, with proper lighting reflecting from every surface, especially when wet, and blahblah you get the point. I don't think I'm alone when I say we all love it.

Now the problem started (at least to my knowledge) around the 1.9 release of CH. And so far it has been carried over to the 1.10 release and actually made even worse. 3 major issues that I will highlight here very clearly:

-Completely broken bump mapping and textures

click to enlargeImage

click to enlargeImage

Now the problem here as you can see, there are these incredibly weird lines cutting up the blocks in various places, completely breaking every texture. This was something I managed to fix a while back in CH 1.9 by figuring out that deleting all of the compass and clock textures actually fixed this for some reason. There is a previous post about it I made here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1774

FIX: This one has a very easy fix I only recently discovered. It's the mipmapping setting in Optifine. It MUST be enabled, set to at least 1. 1-4 seems there's no difference, but if you have it set to OFF, then the issue occurs. This can be found under Options -> Video Settings -> Quality -> Mipmap Levels


So that takes care of for the other 2 problems...

-Bump mapping bugged with over-exaggerated height maps
-Textures losing/missing both their normalmap and specularmap

This is currently how CH 1.10 will look if you use shaders, tested with both SEUS and Continuum, which both support normalmap, bump mapping (height map which is part of normalmap), and specularmap:

How It Looks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How It SHOULD Look

Image Image
Click Pictures To Enlarge
Image Image
Click Pictures To Enlarge

FIX: Now, I'll spare you the hours upon hours of trial and error it took me to figure it out, but for the over-exaggerated bump map effect, it seems again a similar case to how the old fix worked where you deleted the clock and compass textures, except this time I discovered that deleting the mcpatcher folder fixed both issues mentioned above.


Why does this work? Well it's a combination of the old issue where too many files or certain files seem to conflict, hence in the old version the fix was to delete compass and clock textures, and also because the mcpatcher folder is the folder that contains all of the variable textures, things like grass, stone, cobblestone, dirt, wood, etc. All of these variable textures however do not have normalmap and specularmap counterparts, therefore the bump map and spec map effects are lost, where they originally worked because the base texture still has them which is in the textures folder, but it's just not being used anymore because the variable textures replace them (at least when using optifine, haven't tested without.)

To further my theory about certain names or number of files conflicting causing the issue, I was able to discover that the bug only occurred with the "ctm" folder inside "mcpatcher", which is where all the variable textures are. Now here's where things get weird. Delete everything from "ctm" but leave the 2 folders called "random" and "repeat". The bug still happens in game with over-exaggerated bump maps (see previous images). However, delete 1 of those folders, either 1, doesn't matter, and suddenly the bump mapping is fixed once again. You can have either folder with no issues, but having both together causes the exaggerated bump map effect bug, leading me to believe there is some conflict going on or some number of files maybe that is the cause.


So at this point, I went through a ton of trial and error seeing which folders would work, what I could keep and what I couldn't keep, in order to avoid the exaggerated bump mapping effect, and I discovered some pretty interesting stuff.

First of all, the variable textures for Glass, Stained Glass, Wood Planks, Packed Ice, Dirt, Clay Bricks, and Stone Bricks, never even worked in the first place. The folders contain a capital letter in the beginning, and in order for Minecraft/Optifine to read the variable textures and replace the normal textures with them, these folders need to be changed to all lowercase. Mesa Clay also never worked, but because the folder is missing a .properties file in order to tell the game how to replace the textures at all.

So I started by fixing all of this, and naming the folders correctly to see what would work and what wouldn't work in game. And then once I had everything necessary and removed all the extra fluff for stuff that wouldn't work at all, or stuff that wouldn't work with normalmaps/bump mapping, I began fixing and re-adding all of the bump map effects back to the variable textures, by using the base texture normalmap as a base, modifying it if I needed to, and even in some circumstances, creating all new bump map/normalmap effects for textures that it previously never existed for before.

So for example, here is the default variable grass folder:


Here is the folder again after I went through and added the appropriate normalmap for grass, and for each and every texture:


So as I showed in the images above, we went from this --> to this -->

I went ahead and basically did the same steps for Dirt, Stone, Cobblestone, Sand, Ice/Packed Ice, and anything else that was missing normalmaps/specularmaps. Certain things did not work right off the bat however, for example Cobble Stone, since the variations in Cobble Stone will have different patterns and such in the stone itself, different sized stone, cracked stones, even missing stones. See example below:


Which in game looks like:


If I apply the normal Cobble Stone normalmap texture (which looks like this --> Image) to these variation textures, it doesn't exactly look correct, see below:


The normal normalmap/heightmap texture for Cobble Stone makes it look like the dirt where the missing stone should be is popped out like a normal stone. Obviously this isn't the intent of the texture. So I went ahead and modified the original normalmap to create new normalmap for this variable cobble stone texture in order to give it the correct height map:


So now in game, we get this:


Now that dirt area is sunken in, now properly looking like an actual stone is missing. I went ahead and mapped out the rest of the textures correctly as well, giving each individual Cobble Stone variable texture its own normalmap and specularmap texture (specular unchanged from original for all but the texture with the missing stone) for each one to fit each variation texture correctly, see below for example:


Here's a few examples of the cobblestone with my new bump maps/normalmaps, even tried to map out some of the cracked and damaged stones as well:

Image Image

Here are some more screenshots to show you what else I fixed:

Original 1.10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Fixed Version

STONE - Re-added stone normalmap and specularmap textures to the variation textures for stone, as well as modifying the pattern slightly since I had to cut down the number of stone textures used which was original 100, and it was a looping pattern. I cut it down to 32 to fix the bump map bug and created a randomized pattern instead with weights, similar to how grass variation textures works:
Image Image

SAND - Re-added normalmap and specularmap to all sand variation textures:
Image Image

GRASS BLOCK - Old issue here I'm surprised hasn't been fixed yet since I reported this in my previous post linked above. Problem is CH 1.9 and up is using the wrong texture, which causes this loop bug where the 3D bump mapping doesn't loop correctly and you see the green at the bottom. CH 1.0.8 had the correct texture, so I replaced it with that version to fix the issue:

New (broken) Image --> Original (fixed) Image

Image Image

DIRT - The variable dirt textures as I stated before never actually worked. I fixed them and applied the dirt normalmap to each one:
Image Image

ICE/PACKED ICE - Normal ice normalmap and specularmap was broken and packed ice never had it, not to mention packed ice variation textures also never worked due to the bad folder name. Fixed packed ice variation textures and re-added normalmap and specularmap for ice and packed ice:
Image Image

RED SANDSTONE - Similar to regular sandstone which already had normalmap and specularmap for it, so copied over to use for red sandstone as well, plus created a new normalmap for the chiseled red sandstone:
Image Image

POLISHED STONE - normalmap and specularmap never existed for any of the polished stone like andesite, diorite, and granite. I created new ones using a combination of stone and stone slab normalmap/specularmap as well as modifying it to properly fit the shape that polished stone should have:
Image Image

SPONGE - This one is kinda funny because in the old CH texture pack, the sponge used to be a wooden box texture, and there was a normalmap made for it, so you get this funny effect with a sponge in the shape of a wooden box crate. There was no normalmap texture for the sponge texture so I managed to create one as shown below:

Original Image --> My Newly Created Image

Image Image

There is still much more I did and fixed for Chroma Hills 1.10 with Shaders. Here is a full changelog below:

Chroma Hills 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi:


-Normalmap and specularmap to packed ice (using ice n/s)
-Normalmap to grass path (using grass n)
-All new normalmap textures to cobblestone variations
-Normalmap and specularmap to cobblestone variation textures
-Normalmap to grass path side (using grass snow side n - no bump mapping)
-Normalmap and specularmap to sand variation textures
-Normalmap to dirt variation textures
-Normalmap to stone variation textures (using stone n)
-Normalmap to dirt podzol side (using mycielium side n - no bump mapping)
-Normalmap to coarse dirt (using dirt n)
-Normalmap to hay bale top/side (using unused grass1 n)
-Normalmap to acacia and dark oak leaves (acacia using birch n and dark oak using oak n as they already use the same texture pattern)
-Normalmap and specularmap to andesite/diorite/granite blocks (mix of stone n and s plus newly created for polished)
-Normalmap to red sandstone blocks (using sandstone n plus new for chiseled)
-Normalmap to sponge and wet sponge (created new)


-Variations in textures on fences (broken and only for oak wood fence anyway)
-Variations in textures on wood planks (non-working anyway due to bad folder name)
-Variations in textures on stone bricks (non-working anyway due to bad folder name)
-Variations in textures on glass/stained glass (non-working anyway due to bad folder name)
-Variations in textures on red bricks (non-working anyway due to bad folder name)
-Variations in textures on ice
-Variations in textures on crafting table
-Variations in textures on coal ore
-Unused mesa clay variation textures
-Variations in textures on jungle leaves
-Variations in textures on quartz pillars
-Variations in textures on stained clay/hardened clay


-Broken normalmap/bumpmapping effect globally
-Variations in textures on dirt (never worked due to bad folder name)
-Normalmap on dirt and dirt variations
-Normalmap on cobblestone and cobblestone variations
-Normalmap on mossy cobblestone (using cobblestone n)
-Normalmap on coal ore
-Normalmap and specularmap on stone and stone variations
-Normalmap and specularmap on ice
-Normalmap on snow grass block side (no bump mapping due to loop bug)
-Normalmap and specularmap on sand and sand variations
-Normalmap and specularmap on gold ore
-Normalmap on grass block side
-Normalmap on clay/hardenedclay
-Normalmap and specularmap on jungle leaves
-Normalmap and specularmap on quartz pillars
-Normalmap on podzol (no bump mapping due to loop bug)
-Offset texture on red sandstone
-Translucency on all tree leaves (optifine leaf fix applied)


-Variations in textures on stone (removed most repeating textures)
-Texture pattern on stone (randomized now with weights)
-Gold ore texture (to match normalmap texture)
-Grass block side texture (to fix bump map loop)
-Normalmap for sponge (was still using wooden box n)


I of course take no credit for any of the work in Chroma Hills, merely just my own additions, fixes, and changes. My only goal here is to help better Chroma Hills for everyone. I love this texture pack to death, and it pained me to see the pack broken for shaders, and unable to reach its' full potential. I spent a lot of time on this, and I hope you (the creator of CH) approve of this and everything I've done to help the Chroma Hills texture pack. Please feel free to incorporate any of my fixes/changes/additions to the next version of Chroma Hills, or even allow my version of the pack to be uploaded standalone as a sort of official or non-official fix for anyone using shaders. If you are NOT using shaders, my fix is not needed at all, my fix is only to fix CH for use with shaders.

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Re: CH 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi

Postby SycloneSJS » Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:03 am

Hey Shivaxi,

Well done for working through the fixes when it comes to shaders and finding solutions to problems i just haven't had time to fix! :) :)

Now you know how many days/years pass when working on texture packs like this! :p :D

Anyways I think it would be great to get this put into the official downloads page as you suggested for those who ONLY use shaders. I just can't give CH the time i use to a few years back and I appreciate the help that means we can make it even better.

I can't make it a full community pack as then you loose all quality control and and I've pushed for a quality and consistency in my work over the last 3-4 years, also there is the legal side that ownership of the artwork and CH name/trademark is now transferred to me and and my business partners games company Syclone Studios LLC and will/is being used in other commercial projects.

So i've got your private message and i'll add you to Skype and we can look at things from there :)
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Re: CH 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi

Postby Ditchy87 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:28 am

Awesome work Shivaxi!

Sure those of us who use shaders frequently will appreciate your effort in doing this, no doubt was quite extensive undertaking.
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Re: CH 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi

Postby Shivaxi » Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:11 am

Thank you for the reply! Yeah it was quite a lot of work haha, though all in all I managed to knock it all out in just under 2 days...thanks to a lot of coffee and working on this from rise till bed for hours on end haha, hella worth it though :weirdo:

I sent the PM with skype details and look forward to speaking with ya!
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Re: CH 1.10 Shader Fix by Shivaxi

Postby CraftyPenguin » Sat May 20, 2017 6:28 am

Hey, I loving your work here. Do you have any plans to do the same with the 1.11 version? It seems a lot of the 1.10 issues you fixed carried over into it . . .
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